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20-23 December 2023,
İstanbul Expo Centre (IFM) Yeşilköy

Robot Investments Summit and Exhibition

Which companies invested in robots in my sector and what were the outcomes of the investment? Visit the Robot Investments Summit and Exhibition and see the applications of the most experienced integrator companies in your sector.

Robot Yatırımları Zirvesi ve Sergisi
Endüstri 4.0 Uygulamaları Zirvesi ve Sergisi
Industry 4.0 Applications Summit and Exhibition

See the Future of Work in Practice at Industry 4.0 Applications and Smart Factory Solutions Summit. Do you think Industry 4.0 is only on the agenda of big companies? Then you should definitely see the investments made by SMEs at this summit.

Power Generating Factories Summit and Exhibition

Come to the Summit of Factories and Buildings Generating Their Own Energy and see the investments made as if you were paying an electricity bill. Which factories and buildings produce their own energy and how? What are the types of investments in this field? Which products provide serious energy savings?

Enerjisini Üreten Fabrikalar Zirvesi ve Sergisi
Proses Zirvesi ve Sergisi
Process Summit and Exhibition 

See hands-on experience of companies investing in Process Automation, Management, Safety and Maintenance. If you are interested in process automation, management, safety and maintenance in all sectors such as refineries, power plants, clean and waste water plants, chemical and paint industry, iron and steel, paper, food, pharmaceuticals, feed, do not miss this summit.

Warehousing and Transfer Solutions Summit 

The Warehousing and Transfer Solutions Summit is an organisation where you can find the latest technologies in warehousing activities and intralogistics, automated and smart warehouses that minimize the need for human labour, smart shelf systems that provide a lot of functionality in a small space, the latest conveyor and sorter systems, state-of-the-art stacking machines, AGV and AMR technologies, and automation and software technologies that will enable you to handle all operations with a single click.

Depolama ve Transfer Çözümleri Zirvesi
Kazan ve Basınçlı Kaplar Zirvesi
Boiler and Pressure Vessels Summit 

Come to the Boiler and Pressure Vessel Summit in Industry and Buildings and see the developments for the use of combustion and combustors at the highest efficiency, the experiences of the facilities that experience new systems and the solutions of the companies operating in this field. Industry professionals and facility officials who want to reduce their costs come together.

Earthquake Resistant Buildings Summit 

We are working to accelerate the construction of Earthquake Resistant Buildings with our international and domestic participants. Come to the Earthquake Resistant Buildings Summit and see how buildings can withstand even major earthquakes with the latest technologies.

Depreme Dayanıklı Binalar Zirvesi

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Robot Investments Summit
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Energy Generating Factories
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